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Innovative Ideas to Reality.

Specialized product development. excellent investment opportunities. Fruitful Outcomes.

The rush towards investment in startup software has overshadowed the quieter, but often more profitable and sustainable, New Industrial Technology fields. These market spaces have tremendous promise from a development perspective for myriad reasons, but it comes down to honing a good idea, generating a sound plan, delivering exceptional product development and posessing world-class manufacturing. RMDi has a proven track record of success in this process for Industrial Automation, Scientific Research, Agricultural & Industrial Technologies, Mining & Energy and Defence partners.

01 Technology Review

Our diverse team reviews your concept/technology and confirms it is an innovative, profitable fit for RMDi.

02Capital Review

We review the options of raising capital for the project with you. Our existing relationships and experience in this process allow us to leverage creative options to ensure timely funding progress with your concept/technology.

03Product Development

Our in-house team of Project Managers, Designers, Engineers, Fabricators and Specialty Manufacturing Trades follow a logical process to bring your concept/technology to reality.


The RMDi marketing team has assessed your concept/technology’s marketplace and will create a marketing solution to position it for sales success.

Take the Next Step

Our diverse staff has experience in expertise in many related areas. Let our skills work for you.