When you need engineering design, repairs and modifications, or assistance bringing your ideas to reality, RMD Engineering will partner with you to bring your project to completion.


01Project Management

A “Concept to Completion” approach allows us to assess unique problems, in concert with the stakeholders involved, and develop quality solutions.


02Engineering Services

Our engineering team designs, consults, set quality standards, and develops testing equipment and procedures, all while serving as the creative backbone of the company.



Our facility manufactures a unique mix of production line items and custom commissioned systems to the highest standard of quality.


04Electronics & Automation

We assess the unique needs within your facility, appreciating your constraints and delivering an integrated system that will improve your output and quality.


05Equipment Capabilities

Our diverse offering of manufacturing equipment coupled with world-class craftsmen provide precise & repeatable manufactured materials.

06RMDi Research Incubator

Specialized product development. Excellent investment opportunities. Fruitful outcomes.




A Proud Member of the RMD Group of Companies